• Tranquil Falls


    October 2015

    A picture perfect setting is a rare thing in nature. Life has a way of making a mess of things, and when we walk through it we are aware of time and tragedy. Fallen giant trees strewn about, huge boulders lying around from distant hills, and the eventual letting go of the leaves tells us that things will change. There are precious moments, however, when it is colorful and bright;; where there might even be a spot for you to sit and take it all in. This is why I created Tranquil Falls just for you. Go ahead and hop over to the green mossy rock and step onto the path that will lead you to a nice flat rock where you can take your shoes off and sit with your feet in the water. Then, just try to absorb the power and beauty of the falls. There are so many beautiful falls in the Smoky Mountains and surrounding foothills. Bonnie and I visited Tallulah Gorge a couple weeks ago in North East Georgia. Hurricane Falls could be seen after descending 650 stairs down into the bottom of the canyon. I stood there and "soaked" up the site, the sound and the feel of the falls. Of coarse I took some photos, too, because I wanted to paint this for you.

    ~ Mark Keathley

    Editions: 18"x27" SN (95) and AP (15), 24"x36" SN (25) and AP (10)