• Radiant Sunrise

    Radiant Sunrise by Mark Keathley

    I’ve been trying to create a spot where everyone can go to be alone with their thoughts, their own history, and their beliefs about themselves. In this place of stillness we can hear a new word – a truth from above which can change everything from that moment on. From this place and time forward it will be a new day, a new beginning – a “Radiant Sunrise”.

    – Mark Keathley

    Radiant Sunrise by Mark Keathley

    18×27 S/N (95): $750 Framed or $550 Canvas
    18×27 A/P (15): $1195 Framed or $995 Canvas
    24×36 S/N (50): $1150 Framed or $830 Canvas
    24×36 A/P (5): $1695 Framed or $1375 Canvas
    40×60 S/N (10): $3300 Framed or $2500 Canvas