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  • Land of the Free by Robert Finale


    Robert Finale Editions is very proud to introduce “Land of the Brave,” our newest release. In honor of all the men and women who serve our great nation, Robert has commemorated, on canvas some, of our greatest war monuments in honor of Memorial Day and our Independence Day. We dedicate this piece to immortalize those who have fallen to keep our home safe. This “Land of the Brave”continues to strive on because of the sacrifices; we thank you for all you have given.

    ~Robert Finale

    24″ x 18″ 1 M/P (Sold out)
    24″ x 18″ 15 A/P
    24″ x 18″ 55 S/N
    16″ x 12″ 1 M/P(Sold Out)
    16″ x 12″ 15 A/P
    16″ x 12″ 55 S/N

    Edition Total: 142

    Location: Inspirational
    Released: June 2016
    Original Oil on Canvas Size: 24” x 18”