• Highland Harmony


    February 2016

    I go to the mountains regularly. Offering up amazing views and beautiful fresh air, I come alive in all my senses and breathe deep of the Majesty of God’s creation. I never cease to be amazed at the scale. No photograph or painting seems to capture the sheer magnitude of each peak much less the mass of them all together. This particular day of sightseeing, driving along miles of split rail fence and the entrance to Ralph Lauren’s Double RL ranch, I couldn’t take my eyes off the peaks ! Towering over the valley in front of me in the soft backlit sunlight, the landscape before me was mesmerizing. Patches of clouds, sunshine and shadows floating across the land were so internally moving, all I could say was “Wow!” over and over. I want you to feel the magnitude of the Rockies and the Harmony the light and air brought to this ideal setting as I changed nothing. I simply painted, took pictures, and breathed deep. I did wish for a heard of elk to come by - so maybe they did later - but I added them to complete the joy and the wonder of Highland Harmony.

    ~ Mark Keathley

    Editions: 20"x24" SN (95) and AP (15), 24"x30" SN (25) and AP (5), 36"x48" AP (5)