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Summer in Tuscany

July 2014

As the summer sun ascends over the rustic village of Tuscany, the vibrant colors of the new harvest materialize into focus.

My wife and I gaze over the fields as we pick a variety of sunflowers for our breakfast table. The serenity is astounding this time of year. During the morning, no sound but the fountain water trickling down to the fish-filled pond can be heard. We decide to linger at a nearby table and enjoy the tranquility for a while. After some time, the silence is broken by the gentle strumming of a guitar that can be heard throughout the area.

As my eye’s focus across this breath taking land, I wonder of its past history. The many decades of stories that have enriched Italy’s gem countryside. I notice a small Tuscan village with a variety of churches with beautiful steeples further in the distance. A summer in Tuscany is filled with special surprises and delectable authentic food around every corner. We will forever cherish these memories of our “Summer in Tuscany.”


32” x 48” 10 E/E
28” x 42” 10 A/P & 20 S/N 24” x 36” 20 A/P & 30 S/N 18” x 27” 25 A/P & 40 S/N 12” x 18” 10 A/P & 20 S/N

Edition Total: 185
Location: Tuscany, Italy Released: July 2014
Original Oil on Canvas Size: 24” x 36”

Sunset on the Bay, San Francisco


May 2014

As I stroll along the San Francisco Bay, I gaze beyond the glistening waters as the sun sets across the Golden Gate Bridge. A sudden breeze picks up as an assortment of sailboats take advantage of their newly wind filled sails. I watch them glide across the bay as the last fragments of sunlight dissipate from view. Such a picturesque image brings an unbound sense of beauty and inspiration to the mind.

I take in the last pieces of the awe inspiring artistry as the evening fog engulfs the city. The fresh aroma of seafood wafts in from Fisherman’s Wharf as I realize the elegance of the moment is far from gone.

Inspiration embraces the senses as I freeze this moment in time. Faint, but ever present, the heartbeat of the city can be heard from the crashing waves of the Golden Gate. The beating persists through the night as I witness the hard labored fishermen bringing back their catches after a long day of work. Only then do I truly feel like I can effectively relay this perfect moment on canvas; to capture this historic city by the bay, San Francisco.

32” x 48” 10 E/E
28” x 42” 10 A/P & 20 S/N 24” x 36” 20 A/P & 30 S/N 18” x 27” 20A/P & 40 S/N

Edition Total: 150
Location: San Francisco Bay, California Released: June 2014
Original Oil on Canvas Size: 24” x 36

Paris Memories

April 2014

Paris, one of the most elegant and beautiful cities in the world, is among my favorite to visit. As my wife and I stroll along the lavish corridors of the city, we realize that we follow in the footsteps of some of the world’s greatest artists, writers, and philosophers.

We find a cozy outdoor café along the great Seine River from which we watch as boats traverse along the river and underneath the magnificent Pont Alexandre III Bridge, and disappearing into the sunset to destinations unknown. As I sit in wonder and awe at the spectacular brilliance before me, I close my eyes and revel in the relaxing warm embrace of the sun. In this moment I can hear the water splashing up against the banks and the sound of people walking along the river perusing shops and boat cafés along the Seine.

As I place this memory among my most cherished, I cannot help but feel the necessity to share it with the world, a time of great “Paris Memories.”

28” x 42” 15 E/E
24” x 36” 20 A/P & 30 S/N 18” x 27” 20A/P & 30 S/N 12” x 18” 20 A/P & 30 S/N

Edition Total: 165
Location: Paris, France Released: April 2014 Original Oil on Canvas Size: 24” x 36”

Savannah, River Street

February 2014

Perfectly nestled along the Savannah River bank is one of my favorite places in the world, River Street. It possesses a charm and beauty that is hard to mimic. Quaint antique shops and restaurants line the cobblestone filled streets which hold enough to fill an adventure filled day with beauty and wonderment. My family often enjoys a day here on the Georgia Queen Riverboat. Once the sun sets, we find our favorite restaurant to end an awe inspiring day in Savannah. I always feel an overwhelming sense of inspiration as I gaze into the sunset and watch as the riverboats paddle majestically across the water, as the old street car makes its way down the cobblestone streets. This scene paints a perfect picture of old southern charm.


24” x 36 “15 A/P & 25 S/N 18” x 27” 15 A/P & 30 S/N 12” x 18” 10 A/P & 20 S/N

Edition Total: 115
Location: Savannah, Georgia Released: February 2014 Original Oil on Canvas Size: 24” x 36”