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I'll Be Home


November 2015

This time of year (Christmas and the holiday season) is different for us than it used to be. In the past, when November 1st rolled by, Bonnie and I started making lists and getting excited about the shopping and gifts we would find for our little ones. It was a magical time of year filled with Play Mobile toys and BB guns. Once there was a horse, a real Teepee in the woods, and so many other fun things. Our boys grew up never having a “list” because they knew mom and dad came up with some great ideas beyond what they hoped for. This year, however, we have a gift or two in mind, but our hearts are longing for something else. You see, they are gone now. Those who once brightened our day with their smiles, jokes and passion for life, are off living their own lives in distant cities. Sure we stay connected with FaceTime and phone calls, but the thing we look forward to most are those simple words, “I’ll be home…. “ So go ahead - stir the longing and prepare a homecoming for those you love.

~ Mark Keathley

Editions: 20"x24" SN (95) and AP (15), 24"x30" AP (25)

Tranquil Falls


October 2015

A picture perfect setting is a rare thing in nature. Life has a way of making a mess of things, and when we walk through it we are aware of time and tragedy. Fallen giant trees strewn about, huge boulders lying around from distant hills, and the eventual letting go of the leaves tells us that things will change. There are precious moments, however, when it is colorful and bright;; where there might even be a spot for you to sit and take it all in. This is why I created Tranquil Falls just for you. Go ahead and hop over to the green mossy rock and step onto the path that will lead you to a nice flat rock where you can take your shoes off and sit with your feet in the water. Then, just try to absorb the power and beauty of the falls. There are so many beautiful falls in the Smoky Mountains and surrounding foothills. Bonnie and I visited Tallulah Gorge a couple weeks ago in North East Georgia. Hurricane Falls could be seen after descending 650 stairs down into the bottom of the canyon. I stood there and "soaked" up the site, the sound and the feel of the falls. Of coarse I took some photos, too, because I wanted to paint this for you.

~ Mark Keathley

Editions: 18"x27" SN (95) and AP (15), 24"x36" SN (25) and AP (10)

Light from the Past


October 2015

Bud Ogle was one of the early settlers and founder of what is now Gatlinburg, TN in the Smoky Mountains. Visitors can drive up Historic Motor Nature Trail and find his cabin still standing. These hearty settlers faced hardships and difficulties that we in our modern world are not really able to comprehend. As you look at the glow from the window one can imagine a family eking out a living from the rocky soil and trying to keep warm by burning wood that was cut off the land. That light in the window is a warm reminder of those hardships and a Light From the Past

~ Mark Keathley

Edition: 12"x16" AP (25)

Light of the World


September 2015

By way of virgin birth, God side stepped the curse of sin and entered the world as man was originally created to be - Connected to the father by His indwelling Spiritual Life - ETERNAL LIFE. This LIFE was to be the Light of Men (that governing force within men which could guide each man in the light.) He was the Lamb of God born to “take away the sin of the world” (that self powering force which drives all men born in Adam to live separate from God.) By His perfect and sinless life, he was an acceptable sacrifice to pay for all the sin of all mankind. So, now, who ever believes in Him, steps out of darkness and bondage and into freedom and light. In HIM is no darkness. In HIM is no sin or condemnation. In Him is perfection.

Jesus came saying “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is near.” When we admit our need for His Light and acknowledge our own sin and darkness, we can then receive HIS LIFE (that inner Spiritual connection to God) and become Sons, Heirs to the promise, and Children of Light. We step out of Darkness and into a Kingdom with no condemnation or judgment on us, and therefore a place where we should judge no man. This is a new place where the KING, Himself, took on the penalty and judgment for all our sin, and reigns down on us blessing as sons and daughters. By Faith alone, we are placed into the new kingdom - we are IN HIM - JESUS - THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD.

~ Mark Keathley

Editions: 18"x24" SN (495) and AP (25), 25.5"x34" SN (95) and AP (15), 30"x40" SN (50) and AP (10)