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Freedom by Abraham Hunter

06354 3 Freedom

October 2016

As I painted this piece, I was inspired by the scripture in Isaiah that "those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall soar with wings like eagles". The more I painted on it, I saw a dual meaning. I love my country, and the eagle is our national symbol of strength and freedom. With this bitter election on all our minds, I hope that this painting reminds us that even though we are blessed to live here, our true strength and freedom is in Jesus. The storm clouds symbolize the darkness and division that try to hide the light. But the majestic rays of Gods love burst forth and give us light and hope. I hope you all are like this eagle, no matter what, you'll fly powerfully into the light, above life's problems, and soar upward to the heavens.

18×27  S/N (195):    $750Framed    or $550 Canvas
18×27  A/P   (25):  $1195 Framed    or $995 Canvas
24×36 A/P    (25): $1695 Framed    or $1375 Canvas

Winter Wonderland by Abraham Hunter


September 2016

This winter inspired painting is based off of a little study I painted last year. I paint a lot of little paintings as new ideas enter my head, and sometimes the little idea turns out pretty close to perfect. When it does, like with this one, I paint it larger to be published so it can be enjoyed by more people! Titled “Winter Wonderland,” I think this is my best Christmas painting yet! If you look closely, you can see two bunnies in the bottom right and two cardinals in the upper left. They are enjoying their little walk in a winter wonderland. I hope this inspires you to take some time to appreciate the wonderland God has created in your own backyard.

–Abraham Hunter

12×16 AP (25): $845 Framed or $695 Unframed
18×24 SN (195): $595 Framed or $445 Unframed
18×24 AP (25): $1045 Framed or $895 Unframed

Three Amigos by Mark Keathley


September 2016

In my first wolf painting “Valley of Shadows,” I wanted to depict how we can lie down in the midst of danger and rest because we are being watched over by God. In my new painting, “Three Amigos,” I want us to see past what appears dangerous and look in their eyes.The first looks hungry, the second looks worried and the third looks defensive. Sometimes we forget our battle is not against flesh and blood.We need to look past the “problems” that people pose in front of us and see the longing and emptiness that cause this defensiveness or the attacks on us. Everyone standing before us has a past and a history – they have turned out the way they are because of it, and they just need some love.They, too, need to be a part of something for good.

18×27 S/N $750 Framed or $550 Canvas
18×27 A/P $1195 Framed or $995 Canvas
24×36 S/N $1150 Framed or $830 Canvas
24×36 A/P $1695 Framed or $1375 Canvas
30×45 A/P $2650 Framed or $2100 Canvas

Rockets Red Glare by Abraham Hunter


August 2016

During the war of 1812, Francis Scott Key witnessed the bombardment of Fort McHenry, a US Fort guarding Baltimore. The enemy warships relentlessly pummeled the base with rockets and artillery all through the night. In the morning, the constant fire still could not bring down the flag or discourage the defenders to surrender. Francis was so inspired by the sight that he wrote a poem titled the “Star Spangled Banner.” That poem was set to music and became the national anthem of the United States, the Land of Liberty.

All of my life, I’ve known Americans to be at war with terror and at war with each other. We are so tempted to lose our love for this country when we see corruption in politics, such division over what party we vote for, and murder and hate over the tint of each other’s skin. We lose sight of the fact that so many have fought, wept, prayed, and died to keep this country free. It troubles me that we dishonor them everyday with our hate. We forget history, and we repeat it. I was inspired to paint this 12×16, and I’m so glad to be able to share it with you. Just as the flag in the center of the painting flies high despite the efforts to bring it down, let us be a beacon of light and hope to each other. May God bless and help us heal America.

–Abraham Hunter

Exclusive Release
18×24 S/N (95): $750 Framed or $550 Canvas
18×24 A/P (15): $1195 Framed or $995 Canvas