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Land of the Free by Robert Finale


Robert Finale Editions is very proud to introduce “Land of the Brave,” our newest release. In honor of all the men and women who serve our great nation, Robert has commemorated, on canvas some, of our greatest war monuments in honor of Memorial Day and our Independence Day. We dedicate this piece to immortalize those who have fallen to keep our home safe. This “Land of the Brave”continues to strive on because of the sacrifices; we thank you for all you have given.

~Robert Finale

24″ x 18″ 1 M/P (Sold out)
24″ x 18″ 15 A/P
24″ x 18″ 55 S/N
16″ x 12″ 1 M/P(Sold Out)
16″ x 12″ 15 A/P
16″ x 12″ 55 S/N

Edition Total: 142

Location: Inspirational
Released: June 2016
Original Oil on Canvas Size: 24” x 18”

Christmas Crossing by Mark Keathley

06313 2 Christmas Crossing

November 2016

Christmas is just about everyone’s favorite time of year. Most folks are busy preparing and enjoying the holiday traditions with the family. The anticipation of getting together with loved ones we haven’t seen for months or years gets the excitement going as well as sharing special food and gifts.  Sometimes, we need to break out and do something different, though, like invite an estranged son or daughter, forgive someone who offended you, or see someone else in a new light. Christmas Crossing is about coming on over from the side we have always been on -  building a bridge to those who are hurting or who have hurt us.  Instead of nursing our own hurt, anger, or jealousy, come on across and give some much needed love and grace. It has to start with someone; it might as well be you and me.   --Mark Keathley

18×24 SN (95) $750 Framed or $550 Unframed
18x24 AP (15) $1195 Framed or $995 Unframed

Iron Horse by Mark Keathley

Iron Horse

October 2016

I was painting in the mountains north of Durango last fall along the Animas River, and all of a sudden, I heard the train blow its whistle! Oh my! Sitting right there on the side of the tracks painting the river, I thought this would be quite the spectacle - me trying to move my easel far enough away to feel safe with them barreling down the track. It had snuck up on me because he was on the down hill direction from Silverton to Durango and hadn’t been using much steam. It was surprising how quiet he was coming. Every year, they have a race from Durango to Silverton (from 6300 feet above sea level to over 10,000 feet above sea level) between bikers and the train. It’s a close call every year. In commemoration of all those strong legs and lungs - IRON HORSE - a study painting for a future studio painting and published edition.

~ Mark Keathley

12×16 SN (25) $450 Framed or $300 Unframed

New Day by Mark Keathley


October 2016

Sometimes, the craziness of life can cause us to want to sleep in and put the world on hold so we don’t have to face the hard things in life. We often find ourselves with no help and no hope – feeling all alone even when there are kids or crowds or family all around us. We want to be heard, to be appreciated, and to be helped through these difficult times. I want this painting to remind you that His mercies are new every morning! All that we ever need is right at our fingertips… no, it is right inside us. We are encouraged to put on all the things that are available to us in Jesus. His joy is readily available to flow through us. The next time you wake up and life hits you like a ton of bricks, take a moment to look into the LIGHT, “The Life that is the Light of Men.” Receive from Him all He has to offer. He loves you. He adores you. He wants to help you. You are His delight. It’s a NEW DAY!

20x24 SN (195)
20x24 AP (15)
24x30 SN (95)
24x30 AP (15)