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April 2016

As the sun sets and the beautiful moonlight cascades over the horizon, I reminisce over the day’s events in the awe inspiring village of Portofino. The thought of wandering the ancient fishing village filled with gorgeous pastel restaurants and homes bring a smile to my face. The view you get on a villa terrace, as the moon bathes the village in silver light, truly brings out the beauty of this village nestled along the charming beach cove.

Amazing is the only word to truly relate the feelings of seeing all the different boats in the cove. From small fishing boats to the huge million dollar yachts of the rich & famous, I feel anxious to see what will approach next as I leisurely enjoy the view. As I sit here, I feel truly blessed, wanting to relive this moment forever. This inspires me to capture this vista on canvas so that I may visit this enchanting location for the rest of my days.

28” x 42” 5 E/E; 1 M/P
24” x 36” 10 A/P & 20 S/N; 1 M/P 18” x 27” 10A/P & 20 S/N; 1 M/P 12” x 18” 10 A/P ; 1 M/P

Edition Total: 79
Location: Portofino, Italy

Toast to Paris

February 2016

It is a rainy evening in Paris; my wife and I decide that it is time to get a table and toast to the blessings which brought us to the majestic city of lights. As the glow of the Eiffel tower lights up the rainy streets surrounding us, we take in the sounds of the various people passing by. Families shop for this and that, couples sharing their first romantic date, and those like us, taking in the sights and enjoying an evening in this breathtaking city. There is nothing quite like the sound of people having the time of their lives. As the evening winds down to an end, the clinging of wine glasses can be heard all through the streets, signifying just where we are and adding that final touch to our amazing night. Here is to a toast to Paris.

24” x 18” 10 A/P & 15 S/N; 1 M/P 16” x 12” 10 A/P & 15 S/N; 1 M/P

Edition Total: 52

Location: Paris, France

Land of the Free

July 2015

I am very proud to call this country my home; For it truly is the Land of the Free and the home of the brave. Out of all of our nation’s monuments, this one is my favorite. The Marines raising the flag symbolizes all of the American people raising a country built on the idea that we can all be free. I am very proud to be an American and I thank God for our country and for all the veterans who fought and died for our rights and freedom.

Editions: 12"x16" SN (35) and AP (25)

Tower Bridge - London

May 2015

I recall a misty evening in London as my wife and I stroll through the beautiful park, filled with vivid colors and the enticing smell of spring filling the air around us.

As we break through the last of the trees surrounding us, we are greeted by an awe inspiring vision, London’s iconic Tower Bridge. The two towers loom high in the misty starry night, as if they are engulfing the horizon. As we approach our destination, we hear the bustling boats traveling through the mighty river Thames, going about their everyday business.

I am proud to share the majestic beauty of this sight in my newest inspiration on to canvas “Tower Bridge, London”.

24” x 36 “10A/P & 25 S/N 18” x 27” 15 A/P & 45 S/N

Edition Total: 97
Location: Tower Bridge, London

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