September 2015

On an early morning boat ride across the beautiful Lake Como, one can gaze and become mesmerized at the tantalizing Alps of Switzerland. A vision which is filled with awe, yet feel so out of reach. They offer an amazing view as they tower over the lake, like a titan guarding its hidden treasure. The chilly morning breeze blowing down from the snow filled peaks brings me away from this momentary lapse and back to the beauty before me.

As the boat creeps across the lake, one can catch sight of an awe inspiring sight; located on the western shore of Lake Como lays the most breathtaking villa of them all, Villa Balbianello. Its luscious gardens offer a fresh bounty of colors which bring the villa to life. What makes this fantastic structure stand out is not only its garden, but also the ancient statues and the walls of the villa covered with old wisterias and ivy, giving this gorgeous villa a feeling of a time long past. As the day passes, one cannot help but remember the inspiring beauty and the bountiful palette of colors during a romantic evening on Lake Como. I only hope these inspirations are caught on canvas and capture the beauty of the old Villa Balbianello.


28” x 42” 15 E/E; 1 M/P
24” x 36” 10 A/P & 25 S/N; 1 M/P 18” x 27” 15 A/P & 35 S/N; 1 M/P

Edition Total: 103
Location: Lake Como, Italy/Switzerland

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