I’ve been working on this one for awhile and I’m really excited to finally see how you all like it!! It has a Ruby-throat, Anna’s, Calliope, and Black-chinned hummingbird, and then I added one lovely lady hummingbird! I went to Kroger and bought a bunch of different flowers to combine for reference. I really tried to capture the buzzing, high energy of these dazzling birds and the life and color of summer! I hope you all like it!

~ Abraham Hunter

This image is the second in the Joys of the Seasons Series. Tidings of Comfort and Joy was the first in the series and was near "sold out" status before the second in the series was released. Enjoy these beautiful songbirds in all four seasons when you collect the entire series.

Joys of Summer by Abraham Hunter

12x16 SN 195
12x16 AP  25
16x20 SN 95
16x20 AP 15

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