Thomas Kinkade

There is no greater testament to Thom’s mission that art be accessible for everyone to enjoy than the millions of Kinkade images that grace the walls of homes across America and around the world. Through a myriad of genres, Thom’s ability to present his subject in an idyllic setting inspires the viewer to imagine the world full of beauty, intrigue, and adventure.

After attending UC Berkeley and working as an artist in the film industry, Thom began publishing his images so that he could share his passion for beauty and art.       Since that day over 25 years ago, Thom has painted over 1,000 masterworks covering topics that include, cabin and nature scenes, beautiful gardens, classic cottages, sports, inspirational content, lighthouses and powerful seascapes, impressionists, and classic Americana. Hidden in his paintings are messages that speak to Thom’s inspiration for each image. Whether including the initials of family members, hiding Disney characters, or imbedding hearts for special occasions and loved ones, each image contain treasures that add to their mystique.

Thom is also a prolific author and speaker. He has authored or has been the subject of over 140 books. He is a New York Times and USA Today best-selling author.

Thom has won numerous awards and has been prolific in his charity work raising millions for various charities.

Thom continues to create inspiring, moving, and compelling art adding to a life’s work that is a testament to the confluence of passion, talent, and creativity with which Thom has been blessed. We trust his images will move you as profoundly as we are moved everyday by images that capture the imagination and move the soul.



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Hello and welcome! A bit about me... My name is Ian Parrott. I am a 29 year old artist currently working as an art consultant at the Thomas Kinkade Gallery in the Village which is located in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I am very fortunate to work there because I get to see the end result of what I want to be, and it is teaching me about the business end of being an artist. Working for the Gallery has also given me the chance to meet some very interesting successful artists who have allowed me to pick their brains. I just celebrated my fifth year of marriage to a woman that still drives me crazy every single day, and we have six wee ones: Loki, Nox, and Nyx (cats); and Bandit, Oreo Cookie, and Don Alejandro de la Vega (dogs). I created this blog to help you--the art lover--stay in the know with what's going on in the gallery and with the artists. Plus, I wanted a creative outlet where I could help spread knowledge of art styles, history, and funkiness that the average person would not normally be exposed to.