Francois Andre Midas Fibian 5th

I would like to introduce you to Francois today.

Oh, to live a life vicariously through another, a world traveler, entrepreneur or humanitarian – Jann Harrison has found a way to do just that. Harrison lives all those personas and more through Francois, the subject of her new series of paintings, The Adventures of Francois. Humor and spirited fun are at the very core of Francois and his adventures.

frog, great dane, dalmation, spotted, black, white, tie, lighthouse, andre, midas, fibian, 5The mythical Francois Andre Midas Fibian is 6’1″ tall, 175 pounds, with a beguiling smile, large blue eyes and green hair so pale it is almost invisible. His head and hands are those of a frog in caricature, but he is clothed in human form. Francois is a man in transition who is representative of mankind. He has a penchant for very dry martinis. Francois, a dashing figure and perfect male physical specimen with natural athletic abilities is debonair, refined and worldly, yet with irresistible little boy looks. He is a connoisseur of the finer things life has to offer, a Renaissance man who dances better than Astaire, plays the piano and saxophone, loves billiards, golf, polo, you name it; he is very competitive. Francois is fluent in seven languages and totally comfortable no matter where he happens to be at the time. Francois’s harlequin Great Dane, Harley, accompanies him much of the time since he was rescued by Francois in Paris at an animal shelter.

Francois Andre Midas Fibian V was born on April 6, 1968 in Manhattan; to a privileged life only old money can buy. After graduating from Harvard law school, Francois soon left a lucrative law practice in Manhattan preferring to take a position in the family business. He soared in his new position and soon became President of Fibian Media Enterprises, a division of Fibian International.

Having spent years with Fibian Media Enterprises, in 2000, Francois resigned his position to spend his time traveling to the capitals of the world as well as less known and more exotic spots on the planet. Francois is very globally conscious of world conditions and wants to do something exceptional with his life. His wanderlust is, in fact, a search for the intangible; a live-for-the-moment life that cannot comprehend those things that cannot be bought: true love, honesty and friendship. Francois travels in search of the quintessential element missing from his life, until the September 11, 2001 attack on the US. During his travels he came in contact with the Doctors without Borders Program and was very moved by how very much these persons give with personal satisfaction being their primary reward. It is obvious they are passionate about their work, something, very much missing from Francois’s life in the workplace.

September 11, 2001 had a tremendous impact on Francois and became a pivotal point in his life. As past President of Fibian Media Enterprises he realized that he could help more people through the media by communicating information to the masses. Francois used his Hollywood connections and media ties to raise money for a new foundation he created to provide financial assistance to families affected by the crisis named, The Fibian Foundation. This foundation became a passion of Francois’s and has been successful in providing aid in the aftermath of September 11, Katrina, Haiti and the gulf oil spill of late. Francois uses all elements available to him, his celebrity status, money, power and connections to help others through the Fibian Foundation. Francois has also embarked on a new endeavor, to award monetary gifts anonymously to persons and charities for exceptional achievement or service. Francois has told no one of this endeavor, except his C.P.A., who is completely loyal and trustworthy. Francois does not want a personal thank you or any credit of any kind for his generosity.
Francois has been dating Lola Piccard, an old family friend from Franklin, Tennessee, since 2004. They have so many interests in common; their horses, their love of travel, their careers which keep them in the spotlight, they both reside in Manhattan and their community service work. She embellishes his life. He is in love for the first time and treasures their relationship. Just recently, he proposed marriage to Lola who readily accepted.

–From Jann’s Website

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