Easter 2011/Walk of Faith

Mar 23

Can you imagine a walk with The Lord.  If you could would it be in a peaceful garden with the gentle sound of flowing water and the scent of lush flowers on a faint breeze?  Thomas Kinkade has captured this image for us in his most recent release: Walk of Faith.  For me this spiritually symbolic painting represents the peace I will be given each day as I turn my will over to my Higher Power.  I hope you find it as inspiring as I do.

Mark Keathley in Gatlinburg!

Mar 01

Art of the South is very proud to announce our first Keathley event of 2011.  Mark will be at our T.K. at the Village gallery on May 7th for the entire day!!!  Any of Mark’s work that is purchased between now and the day of the event can be remarked and signed by this exceptional artist.  If you are able to visit our gallery on the day of the event, you can sit down with Mark as he sketches YOUR canvas.

Mark’s newest piece “Bedtime Stories” will be in our gallery in time for this event, but it will not last long.  I hope you will join us for this special day.

St. Patrick’s Day 2011

Feb 27

Like Kinkade, my family’s roots are in Ireland.  I have not yet had the pleasure of visiting my home land but I would like to believe it is just as Kinkade portrayed it in “Emerald Valley.”

As hard as life must have been then, the simplicity and the beauty are what I see in this piece.  In the foreground there is a path that winds over the bridge and off into the distance.  I envision that path connecting the whole valley, one clan to the next.

As we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year I hope we remember the rich, colorful heritage that so many Americans descend from.

Keathley’s Next Release

Feb 13

Mark Keathley and his publisher Infinity Fine Art have announced his next release: “Bedtime Stories.”

This piece, a perfect companion for “Moonlight Sonata”, should be available at the end of March.  Sizes and prices can be found at artofthesouth.com and at infinityfineart.com.

An American Treasure

Feb 08

I grew up in the upper east corner of Tennessee in the twin cities of Bristol, TN/VA.  On Sunday afternoons my dad would tour me and my brothers around the surrounding areas to see some of our local treasures.  I will always remember the day we entered the gates of the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina; I was 10 years old.  After winding through the enchanting three mile drive we passed through the imposing wrought iron gates and I was mesmerized.   I believe that this experience instilled in me the appreciation for architecture that I have enjoyed my whole life.

On my first day as an Art Consultant at T.K. in the Village in Gatlinburg I was asked to find my favorite Kinkade image for my business card.  When I saw “Elegant Evening at Biltmore” I did not have to look any farther.  In my opinion there is no finer example of Kinkade’s gift with light.  As the lights dim on this piece the house comes alive with a warm glow and the sky is rich with depth and color.

George Vanderbilt envisioned a legacy that his heirs keep alive today.  Thomas Kinkade’s “Elegant Evening ” is a tribute to that vision.

Contact Information

Jan 27

Betty Cannon


T.K. at the Village

Gatlinburg, TN 37738




Only “1″

Jan 27

There is something very satisfying about owning an original work of art.  We often offer Mark Keathley originals but they never last very long.  I will update this as new ones become available.

Friendly Gesture


Autumn Light

Beach Bums

Feeling the art…

Jan 25

One day recently a man came into the gallery leading a woman with a white cane; she was blind.  As they walked through the gallery he was explaining to her the subject of some of the images.  As they made their way into the Keathley rooms I thought of the rich texture of one of his originals.  I looked at the couple and asked if it was alright to touch her.  Getting a nod from the man I gently lifted her hand to the original Muscle in Motion and invited her to enjoy the textures of the paint on the canvas.  The man described the painting of a cowboy herding horses across the golden field she was touching.  As I moved away so that they could continue enjoying the gallery I was reminded of the resilience of the human spirit.

He Leadeth Me

Jan 15

While there are many images in our galleries that evoke a spiritual feeling, the one that moves me the most, without doubt, is “He Leadeth Me” by Mark Keathley.  In my interpretation the shepherd stands in a field looking toward heaven thanking God for the incredible beauty that surrounds him and his place in it.  There is a simplicity and honesty that stirs me deep within.  Light peeks through the clouds streaming down on the shepherd and his flock like God’s grace.   For me, communication with my Higher Power is this simple, this accessible.

Valentine’s Day 2011

Jan 14

I wanted to talk about one painting for Valentine’s Day, but which one???  My mind filled with images of hearts and flowers, pink and red colors, and people and creatures falling in love, (Beauty and the Beast).  Then I settled on “romance”, and in my mind one image embodies it best: “Savannah Romance” by Thomas Kinkade.  This lush floral canopy creates the perfect setting for a romantic encounter.  One can just imagine strolling the path at twilight, holding hands and settling into a park bench where lovers could get lost in each other.  The aroma of the flowers and the trickle of the fountain would only add to the mood.  Any woman would be wooed by this enchanted local.