T.K. at the Village Album

I would carry my camera every day at work if I thought I could get away with it.  However, when we have special events they let me snap away and occasionally I get some good candid shots as well.

Master Highlighter Harold Smith

It was my distinct pleasure to get to know Harold Smith, a Master Highlighter for Thomas Kinkade. He is quite a character as well as being exceptionally talented.

Jim Odom, Ed Senger, and Harold Smith

Tony Lawson

Tony is a fellow Art Consultant and my friend. Perseverance, the piece behind him, is Tony’s  favorite Kinkade. In this picture he is saying good bye to it before it leaves with one of my clients. Sorry Tony.

Mark Keathley

A couple of times each year we host Mark Keathley at our Smoky Mountain galleries.  The patience of Job is all I can say.  We always have an astounding amount of canvas’ waiting for him to remark and sign.  He sits for hours lovingly personalizing each one, meeting his public, and smiling for the camera.