Mark Keathley in Gatlinburg!

Apr 30

For me the absolute most exciting days at the gallery are when we host an artist reception.  The gallery is teeming with people and I get to see the wonder on their faces as they are pulled into the artist process.  On May 7th Mark Keathley will be in our gallery and this artist reception will be extra special.  He will spend most of the day sketching and signing canvases that have been purchased in advance or are purchased that day.  Some folks will come and sit with him as he remarks their canvas; how special is that?

Anyone that purchases one of Mark’s limited edition pieces that day will receive an 18×24″ signed and numbered paper print of Mark’s release: Dance of Grace.

The whole days events will be webcast but between 4 and 5 pm that day Mark will be at our home office here in Gatlinburg and unveil his newest release: Seasons of Life II.  In addition during that hour Mark will present 6 small original oils that will be sold to the first caller as each is presented on the web cast.

There will be other activities during the day, drawings, giveaways and such.  If you are in Gatlinburg that day we hope you will join us.  If not be sure to check out the days activities online.  The web cast will be on;  just select the video option.

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