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Good bye Mr. Kinkade…….

Apr 09

I get to the gallery very early in the mornings and enjoy alone time surrounded by all of these inspiring works of art.  On Saturday when news of Thomas Kinkade’s death reached the world, our gallery was inundated by calls from people wanting to know if the terrible news was true and clamoring to get that one Kinkade that they had put off buying.  We all worked from early morning till late night in an effort to accommodate his public.

We would normally have been closed on Easter Sunday but we all volunteered to work, under the circumstances.  The shock and outpouring from the day before left little time for me to process what had happened.  When I arrived at the gallery in the early morning hours I knelt by the couch in one of the rooms to pray for the family and to say good bye to the man I had never met but loved just the same.  I ended up sobbing like a baby when I thought of him walking with Jesus in a beautiful garden like the many gardens he depicted in his paintings.

As I headed down the hall to begin the work of the day I passed a sculpture of praying hands and remembered that these hands were actually casts of Thomas Kinkade’s hands.  The sculpture is called “Faith”.

I stopped to consider these life size replicas of a master craftsman’s hands held up to God in prayer.  I surrounded the metal fingers with my hands warming the cold bronze.  I slipped one hand in between the palms and felt for a moment a spiritual connection to the hands that in life I would never get to greet with mine.

As I sit here writing the tears are falling down my cheeks, but I should not be sad.  This man lived his life as a testament to his faith in God.  I; we should be rejoicing that he can at last experience the ultimate “Walk of Faith”.